Ultrasurf Version 18.04 Free

If HideMyAss was a software, this is what it would be like

While surfing the web you're exposed to wonderful content, exciting photos, heart lifting music, and a horde of virtual threats and identity theft attempts that will stop at nothing in order to make sure they fulfill their malicious intents. Sounds lovely, right? Luckily, there's something to be done regarding these spying and infiltration attempts.
Ultrasurf is a compact application that provides users with maximum privacy protection while surfing the Net. Furthermore, it also suits novice users as it doesn’t involve a lengthy and cumbersome installation process like its competitors.
It supports Internet Explorer (which is set as its default browser. This can be easily adjusted through the options menu) amongst other browsers. Its simple interface offers convenience of use and you won't feel any problems with page loading times as it runs quite quickly. If you're a novice user – fear not as this application will provide you with protection and privacy even if you don't understand how proxy servers work and even if you're oblivious as to what ports are and what assigning ports mean. This compact application will assist you in hiding your IP address and in bypassing censorships applied in some countries on some websites.
More experienced users will find this tool somewhat basic as it doesn’t offer advanced features.
Users come first